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Αφιέρωμα στο Βάσο Καραγιώργη - Studies in honour of Vassos Karageorgis

Price: GBP 20.00

Published with a grant from the Anastasios G. Leventis Foundation, Nicosia 1992. Hardback.

Αρχαία Κυπριακή Τέχνη στη Συλλογή Σεβέρη - Ancient Cypriot Art in the Severis Collection

Price: GBP 35.00

Vassos Karageorgis. Costakis and Leto Severis Foundation, Athens, 1999. Paperback.

Γιώργος Λανίτης - Φωτογραφία, 50 Χρόνια Φωτογραφίας

Price: GBP 40.00

Υπουργείο Παιδείας και Πολιτισμού Κύπρου - Πολιτιστικές Υπηρεσίες, Nicosia 2005

Odysseus Elytis, Song of Heroic Mourning for the Lieutenant Lost in Albania

Price: GBP 25.00

Translated by Peter Levi, Drawings by Polly Hope. Hardback.

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Pentadaktylos My Son

Price: GBP 4.00

Poetry by Claire Angelides. Threntham Books, London, 1991. Paperback.


Cypriot Stone Sculpture

Price: GBP 15.00

Frieda Vandernabeele and Robert Laffineur (eds). Proceedings of the Second International Conference of Cypriot Studies, Brussels-Liege, 17-19 May 1993. Brussels-Liege, 1994, Contributions in English, French and German. Paperback


Salamine de Chypre

Price: GBP 15.00

Therese Monloup. In French. Published by Centre d'Archeologie Chyprite, 1994. Paperback.

Four Thousands Years of Images on Cypriot Pottery

Price: GBP 15.00

Vassos Karageorgis, Roert Laffineur and Friede Vandenabeele (eds). Proceedings of the Third International conference of Cypriot Studies, Nicosia, 3-4 May 1996. Brussels-Liege, Nicosia, 1997. Contributions in English and French. Paperback.


Chypre et Les Origines Du Stoicisme

Price: GBP 10.00

Publications du Centre Culturel Hellenique de Paris, 1996


Les Antiquites Chypriotes Dans les Collections Publiques Francaises

Price: GBP 25.00

by Antoinette J. Decaudin. Published by the A.G. Leventis Foundation 1987 in French.


L'Art "Italo-Byzantin" A Chypre au XVI Siecle

Price: GBP 15.00

Stella Frigerio- Zeniou Published in 1998


Saint Louis a Chypre

Price: GBP 4.00

Anuall lectures, The Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia by Georges Duby. 17 October 1990. In French. Paperback.

Ancient Palaiokastro - 1902-2002, An Exhibition to Mark 100 Years of Archaelogical Work

Price: GBP 14.00

Exhibition Catalogue for Show at Hellenic Centre between March 12- April 4 2003. Text in English, Greek and French. Paperback.

Φιλελλην, Studies in Honour of Robert Browning

Price: GBP 20.00

Edited by Costas N. Constantinides, Nikolaos M. Panagiotakes, Elizabeth Jeffreys and Athanasios D. Angelou. Venice, 1996. Hardback. Texts in English, Greek, French and German.


Die Sammlung zyprisches Antiken im Kunshistorischen Museum - The Collection of Cypriot Antiquities in the Kunshistorisches Museum

Price: GBP 25.00

Alfred Bernhard-Wslcher, Gunter Dembski, Kurt Geshwantler, Vassos Karageorgis. Kunshistorisches Museum, Wien, Skira, 1999. In English and German. Hardback.