History of Greece 1940-45, in English

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History of Greece 1940-45, in Italian

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Books by C. N. Hadjipateras & Maria Fafalios-Dragona

Testimonies: 40-41 Athens, Kedros 1982, Academy of Athens Award, 3rd edition 1988 (in Greek).

Testimonies: 40-44, War Occupation Athens, Kedros 1988, 2nd edition 1993 (in Greek)

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Days Of Crete 1941 - Operation Mercury. Athens, Efstathiadis Group 1991 (in Greek).

Testimonies Crete 1941. Athens, Kedros 1993 Hellenic Society of Christian Literature Award (in Greek)

Greece 1940-41 Eyewitnessed. Athens, Efstathiadis Group 1995 (in English)

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