“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the teachers we had at the Hellenic Centre for your dedication and professionalism, the time spent with us and the patience with which you treat us. Thank you for everything. All the results, we have achieved, the fact, we can understand our friends in Crete now is due to your work with us. Thank you for everything. We will be back in September for more.”

-Nina & Dimitri Stoev

"Very high quality tuition in both written and spoken Greek; the lessons are very educational and also very enjoyable. Since I've been studying at the Hellenic Centre, my command of Greek has developed to the level that I can have a chat (albeit rather slowly) with the Greek side of my family - something I've never been able to do before..."

“I have been learning Greek at the Hellenic Centre for three years. The dedication of the staff is second to none, and I feel very fortunate to have received excellent tuition at such an affordable price. At the Hellenic Centre I have not only learnt Greek efficiently and enjoyably, but been welcomed into the Hellenic community!”

 -Michael Pavey


"I started to learn Greek in my late 50s, when we bought a house in Pelio. I was never good at languages, and I am sure it gets harder with age. But I have really enjoyed the lessons, my teachers have been endlessly patient, and I can now hold very simple conversations in Greek!"

-Sheila Adam