Venue Hire Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

General Information

Terms & Conditions

(A) Bookings and Payments
(i) The Hellenic Centre (HC) is available for bookings from 08:30—23:00, Monday to Sunday. Prices for the rooms as per the HC’s current Prices List. Minimum room hire is for half a day.
(ii) Request for bookings of rooms should be made either by telephone or in writing in the first instance. The HC will then confirm to the client, subject to availability, the required booking details by email, fax or post.
Within three (3) days of receipt of such information the client must sign and return the booking form to the HC together with a security deposit of 50%, minimum, of the total hire rate, which is not refundable.
(iii) The outstanding balance must be received within three (3) working days prior to the start of the event. If no payment is received then the HC has the right to cancel the booking or refuse entrance.
(iv) Any additional charges will be invoiced immediately after the event. These invoices are due for settlement upon receipt.
(v) Interest at 3% above the base rate will be charged on late payments.

(B) Cancellation Policy
(i) The 50% security deposit is non-refundable if the Hirer cancels the booking. The Hirer shall remain liable for the Hire fees (less any sums payable for the services) of confirmed bookings as follows:
(ii) Cancellations for bookings in the Committee and Meeting Rooms:
Within one calendar month prior to the start date of the Hire Period 60% of the hire fees will be payable
Within seven (7) days prior to the start date of the Hire Period 100% of the hire fees will be payable.
(iii) Cancellations for bookings in Great Hall:
Between one to three months prior to the start date of the Hire Period 60% of the hire fees will be payable
Within one Calendar month prior to the start of the Hire Period 100% of the hire fees will be payable.
(iv) The HC reserves the right to cancel bookings in the case of an emergency. In such a case any deposit or other money paid by the client to the HC for the cancelled booking will be fully refunded. The HC is not responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the client on account of such cancellation.

(C) Liability
(i) The HC is not responsible for any loss or damage to any property of the Hirer bought on to the premises, nor for any loss or damage suffered by the
Hirer on account of any breakdown of equipment supplied by the HC, the failure of the supply of electricity to the premises, the leakage of water or any other event beyond the HC’s reasonable control which may cause the event to be interrupted, cancelled or postponed.
(ii) The Hirer is responsible for all his own equipment brought onto the premises. The Hirer should indemnify the HC fully for any damage caused to the premises or to the HC’s fixtures and fittings or other property, by any person or equipment brought on to the premises by the client or its agents.

(D) Loading / Unloading
This is allowed between the hours of 07:00 and 23:00.
Parking Dispensation permits can be obtained from the City of Westminster Council at 020 7641 4646

(E) Catering
(i) All catering requirements must be agreed directly between the Hirer and the HC.
(ii) No food or drink brought from outside may be consumed on the premises. The HC reserves the right to charge the Hirer for any food or drink brought onto the premises by the Hirer and/or attendees, without prior permission.
(iii) The HC offers the following options for catering:
HC Menus—for working lunches and meetings of up to 200 delegates. See separate catering terms and conditions on menus
HC Recommended list of caterers, see separate list. There is no extra charge to use one of these caterers. The kitchen is available to the Caterer during the negotiated hours of the venue hire period confirmed by the Hirer.
Self Catering— The Hirer has the option of using an external caterer in the HC kitchen. This caterer must agree to the HC’s Self Catering Terms and Conditions and provide us with copies of their Public Liability insurance and HACCP certificates. The cost for this facility is £600 (excl VAT) for use of the kitchen for 8 hours.
Corkage covers alcoholic, hot and cold beverages and soft drinks and is charged at £2.00 per head (excl VAT)

(F) Cleaning
The Hirer must leave the rooms hired clear and ready for cleaning. Rubbish collection available at £2 per bag. Additional large rubbish collections can be arranged from £50 (excl VAT).
If the Hirer uses an external caterer, the Hirer must ensure that the kitchen is left clean.
The HC reserves the right to charge additional costs if the premises are not left in a satisfactory state at the end of the event

(G) Licence
(i) Intoxicating drinks may be served on the premises only during the permitted hours: Monday-Thursday 10:00-23:00
Friday and Saturday 10:00-23:30
Sunday 12:00-22:30
(ii) An extended licence is available for specific events on application to the HC
(iii) Recorded music / DJ / live music is permitted until 23:00 and until 01:00 if an extension has been granted. Live music is permitted until 22.30 only

(H) Noise
(i) The HC has a sound limiter installed in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Health Service. The following are the maximum permissible noise levels:
LAmax: 96
LAeq: 90
LA90: 86
(ii) The HC reserves the right to terminate any sound/performance/music that compromises these sound levels.

At all times noise levels must be kept at a reasonable level. The HC is in a mixed use area of residences / shops / cafes / restaurants. All music must be turned off at 23:00 according to the terms of our licence and the equipment must be packed up and ready for collection the following day.
It is vitally important that our good relations with our neighbours are not compromised by any lack of consideration on the part of the Hirer.
Live music is permitted but no percussion or loud amplification; DJ’s are preferred.

(I) Security
Door security, organised through the HC, must be in place for weekend, evening events and where alcohol will be served. The security person(s) will be a licence holder(s) and will be registered with the Security Industrial Authority (SIA).
A member of HC staff will be on the premises during an event to assist with any enquiries or emergencies.

General Information

Disabled Access
The entrance to the building is via some steps. A stair climber is available with prior notice. A lift gives access to all floors, except the third floor.

Fire and Safety
Each room has specific fire evacuation instructions displayed in the room which should be announced to the room users upon arrival.
In case of an emergency the HC Duty Manager will ask everyone to evacuate the building. There are three fire exits. One is through the main entrance, one at the far right hand corner of the Great Hall and the other one on the lower ground floor via the external metal staircase.
Points of gathering are on the pavement opposite the main entrance of the building in Paddington Street. There are fire exit signs and fire extinguishers throughout the building which must not be covered, obstructed or removed.

First Aid Facilities
A first-aid kit is kept in the office on the first floor and also in the caretaker’s room on the lower ground floor. One member of the staff has basic first-aid training and should be notified immediately of any accident, injury or emergency.
St Johns Ambulance number is 020 7235 5231

The lift is not suitable for moving heavy equipment. The Hirer and his agents must use the metal staircase leading directly from the pavement to the lower ground floor to bring any materials into the HC.
It is the responsibility of the Hirer to provide adequate manpower to carry
heavy items.

The HC can supply a range of equipment as set out in the Equipment Price List, subject to such equipment being requested by the client and confirmed with the booking details.

Heating and Air-conditioning
The building is centrally heated. The Great Hall and Boardroom are also fully air-conditioned.

There is a cloakroom on the lower ground floor. The HC provides rails and hangers. The HC has no responsibility for items left there unattended. Cloakroom attendants can be arranged, see price list.

The HC has free wireless internet available to clients and members of the Centre but is password protected. A password can be obtained from the office.

There is metered and pay & display parking in close proximity to the HC. Meters are in operation 6 days a week (Sunday excluded) 8.30 am - 6.30 pm.
The nearest all-day car park is Q-Park on Moxon Street W1U 4EY. For pricing and futher information click here Q-Park Moxon Street.
Vehicles can park free on single yellow lines or in pay parking bays after 18:30 Monday-Saturday or all-day Sunday.

Parking is not allowed on Residents Parking Areas: 7 days a week 8.30 am - 8.30 pm.

*These details were correct at the time of print. Please refer to Westminster City Council for more information.

Deliveries and Collections
All deliveries are through the main entrance or via the fire exit steps from the front of the building leading to the lower ground floor, both leading from Paddington Street. There is no off street parking/loading bays or back entrance.

All deliveries and collections to or from the HC must be within the negotiated hours of the venue hire.
Small packages can be accepted by the office but must be pre-arranged and clearly marked with:
company name and meeting/event date, contact name and mobile telephone number.

Large deliveries will not be accepted without prior arrangement, and only if the Hirer is present in the HC, with additional manpower if required.
The delivery company must be informed of delivery restrictions (i.e. stairs into the building)

Collections should be within the negotiated hours of the venue hire and clearly marked with:
the carrier’s name, destination, clear description of consignment (e.g. Box 1 of 4 etc.)

The HC will not accept any responsibility for deliveries or collections nor can it accept responsibility for any products remaining on the premises after the negotiated hours of the venue hire.

Vehicles can load/unload on the single yellow line between the hours of 07:00-11:00 free of charge so long as there is constant loading/unloading activity taking place. After these hours , permission will be required from City of Westminster Council Parking Department on 020 7641 4646.

Parking dispensation permits can be arranged up to 24 hours (working days) prior. The following information will be required:
vehicle registration, vehicle description , time and dates loading/unloading activity will be taking place
An application for a Bay Suspension can also be arranged via the department.
More information is available at


Power Supply
The Great Hall has 3 Phase Power (32 amp) supply leading from the balcony area.
There is also a separate circuit, single phase, supply on floor level (approx 21 power sockets) within the Great Hall.

Structural Loading Capacities
The ceiling trusses can take a substantial mount of weight for rigging lighting.
Additional demountable lighting equipment must be suspended from nodal points only, on the bottle Tie member of the truss. A maximum Characteristic load of 3.0 kN can be suspended from a single nodal point. The load must be applied symmetrically to the equivalent nodes on the opposite side of the truss.
Any planned rigging must be agreed in advance with the HC.
Further information is available from the office.

The Great Hall is fitted with a hanging rail system for hanging paintings / photographs / posters. The exhibits must be ready for hanging. The HC can supply the hanging wires and fixtures with prior notice.
Sticking things to the walls is not permitted.

House lighting is on dimmer switching.
Track lighting runs along the two long walls.

Hearing Loop
An induction loop is provided for the benefit of hearing aid users. Users should switch their hearing aids to the “T” position. Please note that the best reception is in the middle of the room as it could be very loud towards the edges of the Great Hall.

Decoration/ Installation
Any decoration/ installation must be agreed with the HC in the first instance and must not compromise the venues licence and/ or health and safety regulations.

The following special effect or mechanical installations are not permitted:

  • Dry ice and cryogenic fog;
  • Smoke machines and fog generators;
  • Pyrotechnics including fire works;
  • Firearms;
  • Lasers;
  • Explosives and highly flammable substances;
  • Real flame;
  • Strobe Lighting